Our Team - Vested Talent
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Meet The Experience

Behind The Name

Our leadership team has over 30+ years of experience sitting exactly where you’re sitting and have gone where you want to go. Our advisors have direct experience in your specific industry. They have started from the bottom and worked their way up to the highest levels of achievements in their respective fields. We bring the heavy hitters to ensure your success as a hiring manager and a candidate.


Cathy Smith
Senior Advisor, Sales + Medical Device
Patrick Hill
Senior Advisor, Food + Beverage
Larry Waters
Senior Advisor, Non-Profit + Communications
Justin Enoch 
Senior Advisor, Accounting + Finance
Rodney D. Hannah
Sr. Director of Recruiting & Campus- to-Career
Janice DeBussey
Senior Advisor, Sales + Pharmaceuticals
Margaret Flowers
Senior Advisor, Legal +  Marketing
Ashley Hannah
Junior Advisor, Sales + Pharmaceuticals
Rodney Hannah 
Principal Recruiter

Leaders Leading Leaders

Allow us take to the lead when pursuing the next steps in hiring or career transition. We’d love to help.